Spring Cleaning Time is Here Again!

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There are many ideas about where the notion of spring cleaning comes from. They all share the concept of a complete top-to-bottom cleaning of the entire dwelling. The annual Spring Cleaning begins as soon as it’s mild enough to open the windows but still cool enough to avoid a swarm of insects entering the home. The idea of cleaning an entire home — even a humble one — from attic to basement is quite daunting. Martha Stewart has a checklist for spring cleaning that covers dozens of tasks that you generally would only perform once or twice a year. On it are many small things you normally pass over like dusting the refrigerator coils, cleaning the walls and ceilings, scrubbing garbage cans, and cleaning sidewalks. Or, what about disposing outdated prescriptions, cosmetics, toiletry products, and more? Wow! It’s tiring just to consider it all, and we haven’t even gotten to cleaning your windows!

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When it comes to sorting all your personal items, this is one area best left to the individual. But for those comprehensive spring cleaning projects, our help is only as far away as your telephone. Cleaners Perth was established in 1989 and has achieved the distinction of being named the finest in the business in the Perth area, as shown in consumer polls performed last year. Our success comes largely from the way we respond to our customer’s personal needs. We listen to your concerns and formulate a cleaning plan to fit every budget. Also, if you prefer to avoid having chemicals used to clean your house, we offer alternative organic cleaning products as part of our natural cleaning services. Getting the most appropriate spring cleaning results mean we listen to you carefully before the work starts. Our skilled crew of professionals know how to ask the right questions for preparing a custom bid tailored for your family’s needs. Call us today to initiate a quotation and start the ball rolling!

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Heavy Lifting is the Hardest Part of the Job

Think about the amount of heavy lifting needed to do a proper job of spring cleaning! Appliances should be moved so the floors underneath can be cleaned, and furniture should be moved to allow for proper carpet cleaning. Then there are tasks like washing walls and ceilings — just to name a few of the heaviest, toughest jobs. Maybe you can get lucky and recruit family members or a few friends for a  week — assuming your family and friends are good at helping! Teenagers and kids, even when they try, can even make the job harder sometimes. Even though we live in a do-it-yourself culture, do you actually have several days or even a full week to devote to the job of completely cleaning your home by yourself?

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House Cleaning Perth helps you by performing a set of specific cleaning jobs or by doing the entire project. We take pride in our ability to offer professional cleaning that fits with your schedule and budget. Phone us today and ask for a quotation. Our “Heavy Lifting Total Spring Clean” package will include these items:

  • Cleaning the home exterior
  • Steam cleaning your carpets
  • Window washing inside and out
  • Wash all interior walls
  • Re-Grout, caulk, and seal (bathrooms and showers)
  • Power washing the outside walkways
  • Power washing the outside walls and porch ceilings

These items vary depending on the number and type of baths, windows, etc., and according to the total square footage. And remember, any of the above tasks could be done as a single-time purchase.

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