Floor Cleaning is a Dirty Job

floor cleaning

When it comes to dirty floors in your home, you could be walking around barefoot on many unpleasant things. Whether it’s chewing gum the kids tracked in, food crumbs, grease, dirt, plant and yard debris, or human and pet dander, these materials can build up on your floor, leaving it dingy and dirty looking. Not only do these things dirty up your floor, but food debris, pet and human dander, plant material and grease can also harbor pathogens and mould. Pathogens are bacteria, viruses as well as fungi and germs that can cause illness and set off asthma or allergy attacks. There are a number of serious illnesses that can be caused by extremely dirty floors, including immune system disorders, tuberculosis, and influenza. Every breath you take releases millions of microscopic particles comprised of air, water, germs, and more. Most of which will settle onto the surfaces around them, including your floor. Likewise, every place you walk leaves residue on your shoes, to be tracked back home. If you have been in a field, stepped in dog poop in the yard, or visited a public restroom, all those pathogens on the are likely now being left all over your home. Dirt tracked into your home has also been shown to harbor pathogens, or toxic chemicals from outside. Dust and mould are high on the causes of illness and disease in a home, don’t let dirty floors make your family ill, call us today.

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Clean Floors Promote Healthier People

When it comes to minimising the number of microbes on your floor, Cleaners Perth Floor Cleaning services can make a huge difference. Just like washing your hands before eating and after you use the restroom, cleaning your floors can decrease the number of germs you come into contact with. Next to washing your hands, housekeeping is the next best defence against germs and illness. At Cleaners Perth, we know how to completely sanitize any floor. We often clean for commercial restaurants and kitchen, so we keep a high standard of cleaning, even for residential customers. Our certified professionals are equipped with all of the tools, training, and techniques to thoroughly clean any home, to the highest standards. The very same tools, techniques and skills that we use while cleaning commercial properties can be used for residential floor cleaning.

Cleaners Perth Cleans all Types of Flooring Including:

  • vinyl floor cleaningBamboo
  • Vinyl
  • Hardwood
  • Tile
  • Linoleum.
  • Stone
  • Wool carpet
  • Synthetic carpet.

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If You Already Have Asthma or You are a Sensitive Person

Whether you or a family member suffer from asthma, or you would prefer we used something other than common cleaning products or chemical in your home or business, we can still clean your floors. We have a wide array of natural cleaning products that we can use in your home, all of which clean just as well as our traditional cleaners. Before any cleaning service, we always talk to our customers about cleaning products and methods, in order to fully understand exactly what our customers’ needs are. It’s important to carefully select natural cleaning solutions, as some could have ingredients that can potentially trigger asthma attacks or allergies. Some of the ingredients we can avoid in the case of allergies are pine oil, and orange oil, which is a common ingredient in many natural cleaning solutions.

Benefits of Regular Floor Cleaning

In order to truly get the best cleaning, floors in homes and business need to be serviced along with the rest of the building. Every business and home is unique, and we here at Cleaners Perth know that. We take pride in being able to help every client, whether it’s a high traffic business, or a low traffic home, we can schedule a floor cleaning to help you create a healthy environment. House Cleaning Perth offers cleaning packages to best suit you, your family, business, and your budget.

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