Natural Cleaning — There’s A Better Way

Many cleaning businesses still utilize a host of dangerous chemicals as a main part of their approach. We all know these toxic materials may pose a risk to your family’s health and to the environment. This is why House Cleaning Perth provides a refreshing change with all-natural cleaning materials. We have eco-friendly cleaning services, which include everything from organic agents to the simplest and most harmless household cleaners like baking soda.

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Why is Green Cleaning the best choice for your home?

The beauty of natural cleaning is the number of good reasons to do it. Everyone has his or her favourite, but these are the most common:

  • natural house cleaningMany common chemicals are not regulated. Every time a cleaning chemical is brought into your home, you could be exposed to fumes. More than 80,000 chemicals have emerged into mainstream use since the Second World War through a vast array of products. Not all of them have been evaluated and passed by the NICNAS. And if that wasn’t scary enough, as many as 70% of these can be found in normal, everyday cleaning products.
  • Safety of our children and pets. Of course, we can’t protect our children from everything, but we certainly can assure they don’t come into contact with dangerous chemicals. Chemical cleaners found in the home are in the top five causes of poisoning in children.
  • Household cleaners could make your water toxic. Many chemically- based cleaning agents are made from poisonous chemicals including phosphorus, ammonia, and petroleum distillates. Every time you run the laundry, wash your dishes, or simply flush a recently-cleaned toilet, you might be passing these harmful agents back into the water supply — including nearby sources such as creeks, rivers, or lakes. At House Cleaning Perth, we know that the use of dangerous chemical cleaners can have consequences, and we can’t just pretend that it doesn’t happen. This is why many customers choose us, and our green cleaning services.

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Natural Cleaning Services from House Cleaning Perth

At House Cleaning Perth we pride ourselves on fantastic eco cleaning practices, and we use only the top-quality all-natural cleaning materials. Our skilled team of professional cleaners won’t be using ammonia, bleach, or any other harsh chemical when inside your home. But can we get it just as clean? Yes we can. All it takes are our natural cleaning products and some elbow grease! See the general summary (below) of what you can expect our team to do as part of a natural cleaning.


General Living Area:Natural Cleaning Services

  • Every surface will be thoroughly dusted, including decorations and lighting fixtures
  • Windows and windowsills are first dusted and then cleaned. And yes we do blinds!
  • Furniture can be vacuumed on the inside (upon request)
  • All floors are vacuumed. Hardwood and laminate are mopped per manufacturer’s recommendation
  • Trash will be properly removed



  • Counter areas are wiped off and then treated with a natural disinfectant
  • Sinks are scrubbed and then treated with a natural disinfectant
  • The outside surfaces of all large appliances will be cleaned
  • Microwaves are carefully cleaned (inside and out)
  • Chairs and table surfaces are wiped off, then treated with a natural disinfectant
  • Floors will be vacuumed and/or mopped as appropriate



  • Sink counters will be wiped off and then treated with a natural disinfectant
  • Sinks and faucets will be scrubbed
  • Bathroom shelving, lighting fixtures, and decorations will be carefully dusted.
  • Mirrors are cleaned using natural glass cleaners.
  • Floors will be vacuumed and/or mopped as appropriate
  • Shower and tub areas will be thoroughly scrubbed, cleaned, and then sanitized
  • Toilets are completely cleaned and scrubbed both inside and around the whole exterior
  • Trash will be properly removed

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  • Beds can be made up, including fresh linens (upon request)
  • All bedroom surfaces are completely dusted which will include wall décor and lighting fixtures
  • Windows, sills, blinds and baseboards are all dusted and damp-wiped.
  • Floors will be vacuumed, and mopped if they are hardwood.
  • Trash will be properly removed

natural house cleaning professionalsHouse Cleaning Perth proudly provides you with our complete green cleaning services. We also have a range of scheduled (repeat) services. Whether you prefer weekly, bimonthly, or simply a one-time visit, House Cleaning Perth can do it all!

Our family of eco-friendly cleaning products are either mixed at the time of use, or come in the form of  concentrate. Only the safest, most harmless ingredients make up our cleaning solutions — even things like vinegar and baking soda. And all the concentrates we use are from natural, non-toxic, and organic sources. Think about it… natural cleaning products that are safe enough for cleaning fruits and vegetables, yet strong enough to remove grease from engines!

If our natural cleaning services sound like the best solution for your needs, contact us today to schedule a visit and receive a free quotation!

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