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Moving, even just across town, from one house or apartment to another, is one of the top ten most stressful events in life. The process of moving, sometimes starting a month or two before the actual move, putting your things in packing boxes can be discombobulating at best. The worst­-case scenario puts ordinarily healthy folks on the edge of insanity. Most of us have experienced feeling stressed, scattered, or disorganized during a move. That feeling of being lost generally continues for the next few weeks, or months for some, in the new home. It takes a week to get your things unpacked and another few weeks to learn where you stowed everything.

Moving always entails lots of things to think about, including getting water, sewer, electric, cable, internet and mail all stopped at the last minute and started at the new home on time. After all the packing, sorting, moving, and unpacking, there is still cleaning to think about, especially to get your security and cleaning deposit or bond returned. If you are about out of steam and it is overwhelming call the number ONE end­-of-­lease cleaning company in Perth, Cleaners ­ Perth for immediate response. Because we have worked with property managers and landlords for years, we know what they want and what it takes to do top-­notch bond cleaning. Cleaners ­ Perth will help you get the most money returned from your landlord with our move­-out-­cleaning services.

Hotline: (08) 6311 4099

Individualized Services

Cleaners Perth offers bundled move­out­cleaning and move­in­cleaning services or you may choose individual services based on your current situational needs. We contract with businesses, individual renters, homeowners, landlords, property managers, specializing in commercial cleaning with a heart and the skills to conduct both commercial and residential cleaning proficiently.

Basic “Move­-Out-­Cleaning” bundle includes:

  • Vacuumingbond cleaning individualized services
  • Oven
  • Mopping
  • Refrigerator
  • Light fixtures
  • Microwave
  • Inside Windows
  • Dusting
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Counter tops

*Note: Prices vary based on number of baths, windows and total square footage.


We Know the Rental Business

best bond cleaning Perth

If you are a renter striving to get your deposit returned or a landlord that needs to get a unit back to “ready-­to-­rent” condition, Cleaners Perth, is the NUMBER ONE end­-of-­lease cleaning company in Perth. We are a locally owned and operated business servicing the Perth area, working hand in hand with landlords and commercial property managers for over 30 years. Cleaners Perth has a comprehensive capability to know what landlords and property managers require. Houses, apartments, flats, studios and cottages are NOT “ready-­to-­rent” if they are not clean as a whistle. Cleaners Perth, knows what needs to done. It needs to odour free and spotless to give tenants the idea that it is a healthful environment and the owner cares about the property.

For most individuals leasing or renting it is almost impossible to do move in cleaning or get back to “ready­-to-­rent” conditions without professional assistance. You can trust that Cleaners Perth can accomplish what you need in a timely manner.

Occasionally bond cleaning with the goal of getting your money back takes more than the basic cleaning bundle. You may call to speak to one of our expert, bonded and insured agents to get a FREE quote over the phone if you need additional cleaning services.

Hotline: (08) 6311 4099

Additional Cleaning Services Offered:

  • Outside Windowsprofessional bond cleaning
  • Blinds
  • Curtains
  • Pest or Flea Control
  • Steam Clean Carpets
  • Mold eradication
  • Outdoor Walkways
  • Trash/Debris Disposal

All employees at Cleaners Perth must undergo vigorous background probes, including criminal, employment and driving history. Each and every employee at Cleaners Perth is bonded and insured to protect you.

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Our services are offered in Perth and throughout the greater Perth metropolitan area.

When you need quality bond cleaning, move-­in-­cleaning, move-­out-­cleaning or end-of-­lease cleaning done, call the NUMBER ONE company in Perth for professional and expert performance.

Hotline: (08) 6311 4099


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